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2009:14:08 netDiver wrote quite nice things about little ole OB.
2008:16:01 a website we designed at Otterball is being published in .net magazine the UKs leading web design magazine.
down under with st. nick I'm in Melbourne for Christmas. Planning to go to the beach. Kind of strange.
2007:15:12 By now some of you may have heard, but it's official.. We're soon to work on a new site for Dave Barnes. His new album is great so far.
2007:12:12 As you may have seen on his portfolio in the previous post, Jason was crowned victorious in a kimchi eating contest during his stay in Seoul. They called him, "부어 화이트 드래곤" which loosely translates to "swollen white dragon"
newest member shows off Jason the newest addition to Otterball recently put out an online portfolio. Worth taking a look and dropping a note.
christmas already Now you can share legal burned CDs of my music with your friends.. Would make a great stocking stuffer. Get it on Digstation
i'm famous The Work of the People is using a Paul Michaels tune in a video they made. I really had no idea, but I suppose I'm flattered. They're streaming the video for your enjoyment here, or you can buy it for later enjoyment for $15. What a deal.
2007:08:11 I watched a documentary on the Australian Network. It was about different MMOGs. The most impressive one to me recently made an appearance on "The Office" a few weeks ago. It's called Second Life, and it has an incredible built in economy. One lady started a company selling virtual properties in the game, and she now has 30 employees. The game has a full scripting system and 3D modeler. Anything you create you have intellectual property rights to and can sell for in game currency with which you can exchange for US dollars. If anyone has any ideas I'm open to trying it... gave Otterball a good review (I think.. it's all in French) that gave us quite a few hits last month. Their site is full of inspiring art.
2007:31:10 Just took a project for a band from KC named Calvin Yordy. Should be a fun project. Using a flash 7 light experiment from OB. It's almost a retro effect now, but I like it better than if we did it with overlays. And Jason and I are making the Matt Wertz shoebox. So far it's been fun. Next in the works is a new CMS and a ragdoll project.
2007:30:10 I promise never to start any post with anything related to, "wow it's been a long time since I last posted." Instead I will totally ignore the fact that I will inevitably not update this page as often as I should.
2007:30:10 This website will be a place where I'll post my work, news, notes, music (eventually I'll finish the flash player) and anything else I want. If you need to get a hold of me you can do so through otterball.
2009:14:08 This portfolio is now active.. so it's where I'll be putting everything I'm doing. In case you've been checking here disappointed.
Dave Barnes is coming soon.
>> Launch Project
calvin yordy is a band from Kansas City and we had a blast working on this one. Definitely take a look at the site. We used a fun lighting effect I've been dying to create for a band that really fits the artwork.
>> Launch Project
jj worthen is a project I recently did the programming for. The site and CD were designed by Jason Pizzitola and I've got to say, "Miami" is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. I can't stop the chorus from destroying my thought processes.
>> Launch Project
bjork ostrom is the latest OB project. Another spawned from a Matt Lehman CD design turned website. I used the C4D Reactor component all over the place. Makes for an interesting effect.
>> Launch Project
C4D - components 4 designers This is my little "give to the community" project. While I hope to make some money doing it, at this point if it's useful to someone, I hope it gets out there. I really think it will benefit designers. I just wish I had released it a few years back when I wrote the components. I'm due to write new ones for AS3.0 anytime now. You can get them off the C4D site or at Adobe Exchange.
>> Launch Website
matt wertz At this point Matt's website is old news, but it deserved to be the first item on my work list as it was really the first project I did 100% of the OB work. Of course I heavily relied on Matt Lehman for the suburb design, but I feel like this project helped me step out of my programmer box and into my box. Anyhow we're planning to add a feature that didn't quite make the initial launch soon, so it'll feel like new again.
>> Launch Project
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